I’ve been found out

Took my usual look at the Angel Yarns Forum this morning only to find that my blog has been read by other than my sister. I am not one for blowing my own trumpet so was quite shocked but I quite enjoy reading other peoples knitting blogs aswell as keeping a record of my own efforts. Very nice comments so I must be doing something right. NB: Will introduce myself shortly as I have a hectic few days coming up.

Back to more mundane things, I am finally catching up with finishing projects, except the tweed cushion cover which has lain at the bottom of my knitting bag for at least 5 years!!! I know, but it isn’t very inspiring AND it is moss stitch which I hate after doing a lovely long jacket in it. So, finished are my lovely Picot socks, not perfect but as they are for me I won’t be looking at the slight fault in the picot join. Would fall over if I had to. The yarn is from Piece of beauty and features in a previous post with better colour representation.
Also finished is the Barton Bag, won’t be using Noro Silk Garden for felting again. Took ages and results weren’t as good as the Kureyon I used for a Booga Bag.

Also finished is the Feather and Fan Kidsilk Haze scarf, this yarn takes alot of concentration for me but I have 6 other balls to knit up into Winter Companions, which may become Spring Companions…or even Autumn Companions. Have also started a narrow scarf in some Yarn Yard Goth, pink colourway which is again Feather and Fan. I’m not sure it is too narrow for me but it does show off the colours well. How indecisive do I sound.

The Black Eyelash scarf girlies have now changed to Burnt Orange so we have had 3 orders for them so far.

Tonight we will mostly be making and icing cakes for my husbands little event, Brighton Model Railway Club Exhibition. Keeps him off the streets and he IS NOT to be found standing on the end of station platforms with his Twix, addidas bag and Thermos! Part of our train interest relates to the fact that we both work for companies that used to be part of British Rail, so its an occupational hazard.

Tomorrow I am venturing North to York, for a haircut I know it sounds a bit far but they understand me……and that takes some doing. Will be speeding, hopefully, back home again in time for Strictly Come Dancing, Pizza and gallons of Red Wine. Now you understand why I need a hairdresser who understands. Sunday will be spent icing more cakes and helping serve the general public with refreshments at the above event.

Sussex Sunset from 5th November before war broke out. Where do people get the money from to pay for such loud bangs!


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