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You may have noticed I have had a few minutes (or rather hours) on my hands and have upgraded this blog look. Do you get the feeling I like Green. Thankfully the ready made templates didn’t come in pink. So if there is anyone out there what do you think?

Christmas has been very quiet in the Yorkie household, mainly due to the fact that a certain person started his night shift on 27th, always a gloomy time without it interferring with the festive season. Next year, of course it will start on Boxing Day! Think plans are afoot to de-camp to York for some part of that.

We were very lucky with presents only 1 that we didn’t feel the need to keep and that is already in the recycling bin……does that sound too ungrateful. My sister very generously spends her year sourcing quality bargains for our presents and the rest of the time brewing for a huge hamper for us. Contents this year included Damson Gin, Damson Gin jam, Sloe Gin, are you sensing a trend here. Also included were Haribo, curry sauces, pasta and beers (not for me) one problem with not being in York is we miss out on the homemade digestives and truffles.

My knitting goodies included a Denise needle set, Hip Knits dye your own kit, knitting answers book and these lovely needles cases. Well on their way to being filled.

To give you some clues to my personality here are 2 items that may have you worried. The very impractical Kipling Bag, that I adore, is from my husband who thought it just me when he saw it! The slippers are from my parents and I think the pom poms say it all. I love bags and can always do with another one, colour is also a passion of mine. Quite awkward to dress conservatively for work. My favourite colour is purple although I do hide that fact behind, pink, green and chocolate brown. Sharp eyed readers may notice a box of Green and Blacks mini bars in the background, I don’t eat alot of chocolate but if I do I like the good stuff. Books are another hobby especially cookery ones. Alan Titchmarsh is a hero as apart from being a Yorkshire man he helped save the garden where we live now from the 4 foot grass and Brambles we inherited. Gordon Ramsay, I just thought it would be interesting to see what drives someone to swear so much…….

The 22nd December surprise veg from our Riverford box, Celeriac! I am currently thinking of mash but I’m sure there are nicer things.


Almost there

A Very Merry Christmas.

Now for some Luscious Drinking Chocolate, presided over by a seasonal friend. Enjoy!

Feet up and Chilled

A very fresh view of York Knavesmire with the old Terrys Factory and the Racecourse stands in the background.

Last weekend we were in York wrapping and distributing the gifts we had stored up there. We managed to fit in a visit to the Theatre Royal Panto which is an institution despite not having any nationally known names in it. The name of the panto is almost immaterial as it is good slapstick with alot of local references. Well done Berwick Kaler 28 years the mainstay of this production aswell as the writer and guilty party for distracting all the other actors. He has often been seen alongside Jimmy Nail in the likes of Spender. Martin Barrass, 21 years. David Leonard and Suzy Cooper. Burtons Biscuits and nowadays Newcastle Brown Ale feature heavily and although the latter has never been thrown into the audience Wagon Wheels have made it into the Gods before now. Over the years health and Safety has intervened and therefore the Stalls were the only beneficiarys of the goodies this year.

Castle Howard (Brideshead) opened its doors for the first time this Christmas and it was nice to see the place decorated for Christmas. Both my sister and I were cornered by an ex-teacher who is now a guide there. Didn’t think we were that memorable and we certainly weren’t trouble makers.

Sunday lunch at the newly opened Loch Fyne Restaurant, housed in what was a York institution Stubbs Ironmongers shop, completed an enjoyable weekend.

I managed to finish off my first pair of trainer socks whilst there and have since knit myself some Fetching. Pictures show finished and WIP’s.

What I think will be a long term project, socks in Posh Yarns Sock club wool that involve Cabling. And a delicious parcel of yarn from Posh Yarns OOW, just in time for Christmas. All sock yarn all scrummy vibrant colours and 2 lots of Cashmere, what more can you ask!
Off to finish dusting, at least the bits you can see then Strictly Come Dancing Final, how sad am I? A certain person is glad that hes late shift!

That was the week that was

Finally I have got round to putting this weeks events on here.

This bag is not just any bag its the current disguise for my wool stash but things are to change after Christmas, we are going up market!
Still a 50p reusable bag from Sainsburys but a designer one, how posh is that?

On Wednesday we went up to London, just for a change, but this time to see The Sound of Music. I can honestly say I only saw about 3 of the How do you solve a problem like Maria programmes, think anymore would have cured me for life. The show is fabulous although we seemed to hit on pensioner day, we did have one with us too. We had perfect seats on the row which was backed by the sound desk in the stalls.
As Liberty is at the bottom of the street where the London Palladium is we had a good look round there which is a treat in itself, I was suprised to see how the wool has been shoe horned into a corner and I’m sure they used to do a bigger selection. A Gingerbread Latte finished off the day, delicious.

Friday was my final visit to the Physio for my back trouble and he has now discharged me with details of Pilates classes which just so happen to be moving to a Church Hall 2 minutes from home so I think that will be on the list for January.
Also Friday was the postponed Posh Yarns “One off Wednesday” sale, very convenient for me as I wouldn’t have been able to make Wednesday. Dee put up details before the 17:00 kick-off and out of the 4 items I had on my list I managed to get 3. Think I now have enough yarn to keep me going through the siege, which one you ask. Theres bound to be one!

Also this week I have been quite busy, for me anyway, trying desperately to finish my Christmas knitting which needs transporting to York next Thursday. This is a project that I can only knit in certain places as it sheds everywhere although now its drying I think it may have been worth it. Its in Angel Yarns Silk which does take a bit of getting used to for tight knitters because it has a habit of breaking. Can’t show too much but you get the general idea.

Birthday Stash and London – Picture heavy

Yesterday we ventured to London, not for Christmas shopping I hasten to add. How anyone can do that is beyond me, and I used to come down from York for that purpose but with the increase in internet shopping and stores realising that they can have branches in other towns theres absolutely no reason in my mind to out yourself through that. We did venture into Oxford Street late afternoon thinking that the fact that it was pedestrianised for the day it would be better but we couldn’t get out fast enough. The pedestrianisation just seemed to have increased the volume, no doubt the intention of the businesses.
We “did” Borough Market in the morning where, if you like cheese and olives, you can have a huge lunch on the samples. Plenty of other choices but not in the same volume or as free with samples. The Lactose intolerant among us managed to find a few unusual things so it was a success. Unlike our lunch at Pizza Express where the menu suggested you asked your waiter if you had any dietry requirements. The reply to our query was theres no one here on a Saturday who knows so all you can have is salad, without dough balls!
Our next stop was Tate Modern to see their latest installation in the Turbine Hall slides by Carsten Holler . My DH was brave enough to queue and travel down one of the small slides, the larger ones required a timed ticket and the queue was huge for those.

Finally the weather has provided enough light for taking pictures, above is a Vase of Orchids donated to the Birthday stash by my SIL. I’m told they should last until the Christmas Tree goes up. The next photos are of the wool related presents I was lucky enough to receive.
Guess what next years project is going to be. A friend has volunteered lessons but after the first one she may rethink, I’m not the most patient of people.

Some very nice sock yarn from Piece of Beauty and a book to tell me what to do with it.

Not wool but an essential for winter my Fab boots from Duo that actually fit round my 41cm calf!

Not Birthday but arrived this week. The right hand wool is the Posh Yarn Sock club offering for December, very rich and perfect for this time of year. The green is some lace which I bought off Ebay to have a go with!

Happy Birthday

From childhood I have always felt that 1st December was a special birthday date, possibly because of Christmas and Advent calendars. The advent calendars I had were of the non chocolate variety where Christmas days window held a nativity scene, how times have changed.

The weather has been so dull I haven’t been able to take any pictures of my Birthday stash, will try on Sunday. They include a Crochet book, chosen by hubby who appears to have been listening aswell as hoovering up the wool I leave everywhere I knit. Some fabulous boots from Duo for people with, in my case, huge calfs! Sock Yarn from Piece of Beauty and some other knitting related goodies. I was hoping to get my Sock club yarns today aswell but the post is never predictable. Have just managed to rejoin the Posh Yarn Sock Club so its not all bad!

Tomorrow we are off up to London hopefully to see a show if there’s a good one at the right price.