Feet up and Chilled

A very fresh view of York Knavesmire with the old Terrys Factory and the Racecourse stands in the background.

Last weekend we were in York wrapping and distributing the gifts we had stored up there. We managed to fit in a visit to the Theatre Royal Panto which is an institution despite not having any nationally known names in it. The name of the panto is almost immaterial as it is good slapstick with alot of local references. Well done Berwick Kaler 28 years the mainstay of this production aswell as the writer and guilty party for distracting all the other actors. He has often been seen alongside Jimmy Nail in the likes of Spender. Martin Barrass, 21 years. David Leonard and Suzy Cooper. Burtons Biscuits and nowadays Newcastle Brown Ale feature heavily and although the latter has never been thrown into the audience Wagon Wheels have made it into the Gods before now. Over the years health and Safety has intervened and therefore the Stalls were the only beneficiarys of the goodies this year.

Castle Howard (Brideshead) opened its doors for the first time this Christmas and it was nice to see the place decorated for Christmas. Both my sister and I were cornered by an ex-teacher who is now a guide there. Didn’t think we were that memorable and we certainly weren’t trouble makers.

Sunday lunch at the newly opened Loch Fyne Restaurant, housed in what was a York institution Stubbs Ironmongers shop, completed an enjoyable weekend.

I managed to finish off my first pair of trainer socks whilst there and have since knit myself some Fetching. Pictures show finished and WIP’s.

What I think will be a long term project, socks in Posh Yarns Sock club wool that involve Cabling. And a delicious parcel of yarn from Posh Yarns OOW, just in time for Christmas. All sock yarn all scrummy vibrant colours and 2 lots of Cashmere, what more can you ask!
Off to finish dusting, at least the bits you can see then Strictly Come Dancing Final, how sad am I? A certain person is glad that hes late shift!


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