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Home on the Range

I went “home” for the weekend, to get my hair cut. Despite everyone thinking York is the frozen North the weather was very bright but just a bit chilly. I took my camera with me but only managed to take pictures of the Rose Window of York Minster looking from Minster Gates. Hopefully you can see the bright blue sky. York is very photogenic and I have in the past taken many pictures, but often forget I am carrying a camera or the crowds are too big and tall. We are a family of minimum height!
Returned home on Sunday prepared for the journey involved. Car, train, bus(very slow and late for next leg), train, RUN, tube, train and finally car. I am not athletic in build or mind and the run was more a fast walk but I managed to get train to train in 15 Min’s, across London. I did not, however, have time to get a cup of tea!
The extended journey was very useful for knitting as I did not have to feel guilty for leaving dusting, ironing or any other housework. So I got alot of this knit.

I am quite late into sock knitting so am behind the hoards of people who have already knit Jaywalkers, the wool is Posh Yarns Sock club October offering that I’m glad I saved for this as the pattern really brings out the colours. The yarn in skein form doesn’t look to have quite so much variegation. Its also the first time I have done a Sl1, K1 heel flap which I am very impressed with.
Waiting for me when I got back was a parcel from both Posh Yarns and Hipknits and I was also in time for the Posh Yarn sale. Blissful evening once my dear husband had been dispatched to work.


Yesterday it snowed

As it did in many places. Snowing heavily as I stood on the platform waiting for my train at 05:35, when I returned at 17:00 the only sign of snow was on the North face of the South Downs. Very, Very heavy frost this morning. Heres a few pictures from Yesterday.

“Kylie” in the snow and sun!

Posh Yarns Sale

I went I bought, but can I remember what I bought, NO. What a surprise it will be when the postlady arrives, Hopefully she will arrive. I can’t believe how fast the yarn goes, I tried to prioritise my list but the item I thought least likely to go went while I was attempting to secure some cashmere. Ho Hum, might have to look next week if I didn’t get much…….I can just see my plastic being confiscated as we speak.

Think I may have been lucky enough to bag these, the one that got away was this.

What a lovely job Dee has, hectic I’m sure but very satisfying, hope she didn’t mind be borrowing some pictures.

Reasons as if any were needed

The reason I started this blog was more for my own record, as I like taking pictures and thought it would be nice to record these things somewhere. Hence there are usually one or two pictures in each entry, just wish I could work out how to display them better. Its either down to Blogger or me, know where my money would be. My love of colour and all things unecessary, as we already have millions of mugs (or so I’m told by the ever practical one) is shown above. I love Emma Bridgewater pottery and this very smart mug was a Christmas present, along with another the same and a fabulous Hot Chocolate pot. Very impractical but I am a Magpie where colours are concerned, don’t necessarily like the glitttery things! The mug is lovely and holds a fair bit of tea.
I toned the colours down for the next picture but you can see the 2 socks I am knitting.
Finally my work stations, well when I say work, I do mean knitting. I have a choice! Can you see now why I had to have my lovely Chocolate Brown knitting bag. My excuse and I am sticking to it.

Enjoy whats left of the weekend.


I’m avoiding dusting at this moment in time, as usual. Here’s a pair of socks I have finished and worn this month. These are in Pink Goth from the Yarn Yard. I will be doing a resume of completed projects at the end of the month. Off now to boil up a cauldron of Butternut Squash and Chick Pea Soup for lunch. One of our surprise veg from last weeks Riverford box.

Sock it to me!

I am seriously trying to reduce my sock yarn stash by knitting as many pairs as I have needles for. Socks are a perfect project for me, I have very little patience and the fact you can see them grow is ideal. BUT there are so many lovely, and colourful, yarns aswell as patterns.
I was tempted to join the Sock a Month challenge but thought July and August might be a problem, so instead I have set my own target that I will only reveal if I get there, no fool me.

So on the needles are Monkey in Cherry Tree Hill colour Serengeti, Plain stocking stitch on 2 circulars is Piece of Beauty colour Sea Bream. Middle picture shows balls wound on my new toy, perfect for almost stress free winding, from the top Colinette Jitterbug, the bottom 2 are Posh Yarns Sock club. Finally Posh Yarns Helena colour Pirate, these will be Ribbed socks and more for wellies as its alot thicker than most sock yarns. AND have you noticed the needles, Purple Boyes, I didn’t think I’d be swayed by Metal but these are purple and are suprisingly not slippy.

So should any of you yarn suppliers read any of this I adore your wools and promise they aren’t just for show, I’m getting there!

Frustration and Facts

Today I have been working from home, very convenient. But I have almost abandoned a sock I was doing very well with until turning the heel last night, the biggest hole seemed to appear between heel flap and instep when I’d picked up my stitches. Thankfully my patience was with me today and Ihave conquered said problem with 3 lots of frogging. I just kept dropping stitches. Obviously one of those days.

Now onto more/less interesting things, depending on your slant.

I didn’t realise anyone read this blog, apart from my sister and my husband who likes to know what I’ve been squirrelling away.

THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

6 weird things about me, and it was difficult to think of 6!

1) I absolutely hate my neck being touched, why I don’y know but thankfully scarves aren’t included in this. It really, really, really makes me squirm.

2) Mobile phones, I do possess one but if it rings I almost hide under seats to answer it.

3) I love seafood, apart from the legs! But prefer not to have it on pizzas or in other dishes because it tastes too much of the sea. You did ask.

4) Relating to the above I enjoy half a cow and chips every now and then but what I don’t like is bones and god forbid what I’m eating looks anything like what it once was. Napkins have been put over fishes faces before now. Table lamps have been strategically placed when others were eating Snails…….why ever would you want to chew rubber?

5) The only form of exercise I will admit to liking is Swimming, I will suffer others, but I won’t at any cost swim in the sea. Who knows what you might stand on or what might touch you .

6) My food habits appear to be the strangest part of me. I like Black Pudding and Mushy Peas although not usually on the same plate. This seems more strange now I live in the South. Another thing which I am told is very Yorkshire, although that was by the only other person who likes these combinations, is Bacon AND Marmalade sandwiches, Bacon AND Pickled Beetroot sandwiches, Cheese (tongue tingling cheddar) AND Jam (Raspberry) sandwiches. Finally my own combination of Toast with Marmite AND Raspberry jam, yes, on the same slice.