HAPPY NEW YEAR and a very prosperous 2007.

Although I don’t usually make resolutions because I have yet to meet anyone who keeps them. This year I propose:

1) losing weight

Now for the more realistic ones

2) Take more exercise – Pilates classes start 4th January.
3) Knitting wise: Knit some Lace and clear some of the sock yarn stash (one day I may admit to how much I have in stock!). A bit of mischief, encourage my very strict SIL to knit more than one thing at a time.
4) Learn to crochet – volunteer already secured.
5) Improve my cardmaking skills, the people I encouraged are better than me now.
6) Reduce my Christmas present list. Especially the biscuit buyers.
7) Make more time to enjoy friends.
8) Try to post more often on this blog.
9) Join a Knitalong and hopefully a swap.

I think realistically all but number 6 are attainable, I have such a guilty conscience and find it difficult to stand up for myself with family and friends. Suppose I should add be more assertive to the list.

What resolutions have you made?


One response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR and a very prosperous 2007.

  1. To be honest I don’t make resolutions any more as I never keep them I wish you luck with yours though

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