Sock it to me!

I am seriously trying to reduce my sock yarn stash by knitting as many pairs as I have needles for. Socks are a perfect project for me, I have very little patience and the fact you can see them grow is ideal. BUT there are so many lovely, and colourful, yarns aswell as patterns.
I was tempted to join the Sock a Month challenge but thought July and August might be a problem, so instead I have set my own target that I will only reveal if I get there, no fool me.

So on the needles are Monkey in Cherry Tree Hill colour Serengeti, Plain stocking stitch on 2 circulars is Piece of Beauty colour Sea Bream. Middle picture shows balls wound on my new toy, perfect for almost stress free winding, from the top Colinette Jitterbug, the bottom 2 are Posh Yarns Sock club. Finally Posh Yarns Helena colour Pirate, these will be Ribbed socks and more for wellies as its alot thicker than most sock yarns. AND have you noticed the needles, Purple Boyes, I didn’t think I’d be swayed by Metal but these are purple and are suprisingly not slippy.

So should any of you yarn suppliers read any of this I adore your wools and promise they aren’t just for show, I’m getting there!

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