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Problem solved

You may recall my pattern problem of last Sunday. It was of course me not the pattern that was at fault so to prove I am not a total idiot here’s the finished products. Both versions look good.

It is of course all to do with where you place the YO at the end of a needle, on the corkscrew pair I was carrying this across to the start of the next needle. Socks are knit in Hip Knits sock wool (don’t know the colour) and Colinette Jitterbug Jay. The jitterbug is a lovely wool but its a close shave as to whether theres enough to finish a pair of socks. Its the second ball in, as you can see there was plenty of the Hip Knits wool leftover. The other ball is Posh Yarn Helena in Pirate, you’ll see the results of that when I disclose February’s count.


Socks that Rock G-Rocks, January One and Lagoon.

Claudia Handpainted Chocolate Cherries and Silkwood Purple Reine
Fleece Artist Cosmic Dawn and Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock Flamingo. Along with 2 sets of Brittany Birch 2.5mm becasuse of the following.

OOps and it always happens when you have lots of stitches and are doing something complex like turning a heel. I have had one replaced by Brittany but thinks thay might get suspicious if I keep emailing them.


Lots of yarn has landed on the doormat this week, hopefully I’ll get some good light tomorrow to photograph it. In the meantime, heres a look at a Posh Yarn that I bought at the last Sale, Emily Polka. It looked bright enough for me in its raw state.


I love it even more now its been wound into a ball and am having trouble finishing off my current project for Februarys count before I attack it.

Is it just me? – Ramblings of an idiot

I have just started Miriam Feltons Razor Shell socks and look whats happening.
They should look like the top picture but the pattern is going round instead of down. I haven’t been very well this weekend but didn’t think it had affected my brain! Daren’t investigate too much because I quite like how its going but it certainly isn’t like that pattern. I have searched the Internet to see if anyone else has had a similar problem but, of course, they don’t appear to have. So apologies to the pattern owner, I will try again when I have finished this pair.
Would be interested if anyone else has had a similar experience.
I just know you all think I’m using a different pattern, I have questioned myself and the other half just says its all gobbledygook, what use are they in a crisis.

Bad Bad Girl

Socks that Rock order.
I can only apologise for leading anyone astray who reads this but I myself was influenced by Gilraen, in a nice way of course. So the colours are G Rocks, January One and Lagoon. I have also ordered these patterns. I don’t like spending a fortune on wool and then doing a plain sock, sometimes you have to though because the colours would drown the pattern of course.

Hope you all have more willpower than me, or enjoy the yarn.

Bless Him

Huge Thanks and pretties

A huge thanks to Claire, the parcel arrived today and there was not only wool but Chocolates. They have been stashed in a dark corner of the fridge for Saturday night when I am home alone! So hopefully the Jaywalkers will be finished in the February quota.

I seem to be having a bit of a social life this fortnight, it does get in the way of the knitting though and is definitely not good for the diet. Last night I went out with friends straight from work, we ate at Masala Zone. Even my Asian friend thought the curry was hot! It was goan Prawn Curry as part of a Thali which is a tray with little pots of curry/dhal/rice etc. Something Masala Zone specialises in, their curries also appear to contain very little oil which is a blessing when you think of the number of Indian meals that have an oil slick floating on them. Perhaps we don’t shop at the right takeaways.
Friday night I am eating out again, this time at a newish restaurant in Brighton Wokmania, have found both good and bad reviews of their other restaurants so I’ll let you know.

Last but not least here’s a preview of what greeted me on my return last night. They will be revealed in all their glory tomorrow, hint hint.