Socks That Rock

One down. Very easy knit apart from toe for some reason I lost it there, I think the quality of some of the singing on Celebrity Fame Academy may have had something to do with it!

Have booked a Moebius class so I know what April will be and that’s after I have bought the complete stock of Stash Yarns, taking SIL to restrain me. Although I hope they have some Fleece Artist Sea Cell sock yarn left.


6 responses to “Socks That Rock

  1. Fantastic, we finally will get to meet.

  2. Lucky you going to Stash. Lovely sock.

  3. I love the sock!! I would love to join you in Stash. Michelle is in the Rockin Sock Club too. 🙂

  4. Anyone with a sense of humour is welcome as far as I’m concerned. Nic may have other ideas however!

  5. Sense of humour definitely a requirement 🙂

  6. Glad you saw it that way I did think after posting that it didn’t read very well!

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