Ebay and Replacements

Managed to clear a few unwanted items on Ebay and found a few more to try this week, Can’t bring myself to sell any Posh Yarn though. Its amazing how you collect things that aren’t really what you want or how your tastes change.

Now for a small stash replacement exercise which is much more my taste.

Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport in Black Purl , so soft and a lovely colour = Ella for me. Brittany Birch Crochet hook for this years education. Huge Addi Circular needle for the Moebius class.
AND this just hopped into my shopping cart, got to make the most of postage. Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Lakeview.


2 responses to “Ebay and Replacements

  1. Lovely stash enhancement! I love the Black Purl. 🙂

  2. Some beautiful Lornas Laces there .I’ve got some black purl in my stash.

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