Seasilk and Lace

I have to confess to not advertising all my purchases on this blog, but today’s delivery is just whats needed for a sunny day.

Handmaiden Seasilk in Sangria and Mineral
Amy Butler Fabric for more sock bags, including another for me!
Now for my first piece of “big” lace. I am a little behind most of you but have finally knitted a Forest Canopy Shawl, very easy and very fast. There will be more as its a very satisfying knit. Even more so the blocking, I thought I was a little over zealous but its obviously whats needed to open the pattern out. Knitted in Yarn Yard Sock club wool and with 2 extra pattern repeats, I think I could have done one more and then used the contrasting ball for the edging. I am taking l am taking Aprils club yarn with me to Majorca in the hope of another so will test the theory..

And doesn’t this look tropical, I had trouble getting it to stay put on anything else.

2 responses to “Seasilk and Lace

  1. Lovely SEX 😀 A girl after my own heart. 😀

  2. Beautiful Forest Canopy shawl! Love the stash enhancements too 🙂

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