Abject Failure

The poor little bags have been left on the shelf. There is obviously something someone isn’t telling me, or my theory is that most knitters are better at sewing than me. I shall have the smartest dressed WIP’s.
On a more positive note I have succumbed to the Yarn Yard Merino club and ordered these patterns.

Should have given you more clues on the previous post. The powder Blue wool is 300m of Hand Maiden Silk Rumple which will do a Little Arrowhead and I have 2 skeins of Emily so I can make my next Forest Canopy HUGE, well a bit bigger than a shoulder shawl!

Off to drown my sorrows in Bombay Sapphire wearing these…..my lovelies from Majorca, I did buy sensible aswell.


2 responses to “Abject Failure

  1. Ah should have read this first, 2 skeins of Emily will make a most excellent shawl. Love those patterns and have ordered the shawl myself!

  2. Those shoes are delish! Wow!

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