Monthly Archives: June 2007

In the Breeze

These are the best shots I can get before the next shower!

My biggest lace projects so far and I personally prefer Ella but have learnt alot of skills doing both. I’m surprised my patience lasted so well.


MysteryStole3 – Swatch

In Yarn Yard Lace, colour Charcoal on 3.5mm needles.
WITH the addition of beads although I think they are in the wrong place I have proved its easy to do!

I have never swatched for anything before, its usually left to chance hence cables never fitting.

Fir Cone Shawl Blocking

Haven’t quite mastered blocking wires yet but they are certainly better than thousands of pins piercing the yarn.

New Kids on the Block

Finally I have found a space to block Ella. The stitch pattern has opened out nicely and you can now see the colours of the Black Purl.

In waiting, finally finished the edging with a few hiccups, I know that it looks obvious where the new skeins were added but I didn’t think it looked too bad because of the design. Plus I’m not confident I would have managed 2 balls at once.

Home Strait

Halfway round the Fir Cone Shawl edging. I ended up doing 24 pattern repeats because of the shading on the last ball of the 4 that I had, it was slightly more orange!

Close Up.

For my sins I have now signed up for the Mystery Stole Knitalong. Not sure I’ll keep up but if I start I will finish, also not confident the beads will get included.

Toe up socks have passed the heel, I now know I don’t like short row heels but once I’ve conquered the toe start I can use patterns that have proper heel flaps. The holes aren’t quite as bad as I have photographed but it was the third attempt and they are for me! Life’s too short to try it 4 times on one pair.

Off to book my ticket for Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show and hopefully Kerrie’s knitted flowers class. Anyone else going?

First Attempt

So far so good. Too early to tell whether I like Toe-up best but it will open up a few more patterns. I am using the pattern from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 magazine. The Turkish Cast on is interesting. Yarn is called Twinkle (I think) one of my Posh Yarn Sock Club.


I don’t know about you but as far as knitting is concerned my mind is constantly thinking of what’s next. Not normally so indecisive but this is a snapshot of what is usually churning round.

1. Should I finish the dreaded Cushion Cover, rib Cardigan.
No it’s too hot.

2. Should I join the next Knit along I like the look of or the one I already possess the pattern/wool for. (Shoalwater/Queen of the Waves/Clapotis)

3. Maybe I will knit what I have liked the look of on someone’s blog or in that magazine last week.
But then again.

4. I really must knit up the wool that I wanted to try, Seacell, SeaSock, POB Silk, Camel etc.
Can I find the right pattern?

5. What about that colour that I really want to see knit?
What about it??

6. Maybe I should just concentrate on the yarn that is already wound.

7. And of course there is the sock challenge I foolishly told people about, why don’t I keep my mouth shut?
Will always have yarn for socks.

8. Want to try Toe-Up socks.

9. Christmas is only 6 months away.

10. Winter is only 3, back to the cardigan.

So I am now not buying anymore yarn for a while, not stupid enough to tell you til when, but stupidly told the keeper of the plastic…….big mistake.
I may have exaggerated on the length of my stashalong…..DH please note.

Have my eye on Violet Green, Wollmeise and Hobbledehoy and Posh is never far from my mind, oh and the Yarn Yard are introducing Lace. Doomed. I have added all the links because if I’m going I’m taking you with me!!