Resolutions revisited

So we are over halfway through the year and I thought it time to review these.

1) losing weight – I’m sure on the hottest days this may have happened, just not measurable!

Now for the more realistic ones

2) Take more exercise – Pilates classes start 4th January. – Summer break but I have been going religiously and happen to quite like Pilates. Much more sensible than Aerobics!

3) Knitting wise: Knit some Lace and clear some of the sock yarn stash (one day I may admit to how much I have in stock!). A bit of mischief, encourage my very strict SIL to knit more than one thing at a time. – Can’t have everything. I have knit lace, my lovely SIL with the very bad back has admitted to having more than 1 project on the go, xx. Sock yarn stash, I now realise how unrealistic that was.

4) Learn to crochet – volunteer already secured. – When we find the time and it involves aforementioned SIL.

5) Improve my card making skills, the people I encouraged are better than me now. – Knitting has taken over although I do send handmade cards to the ones who appreciate then, rather like knitting.

6) Reduce my Christmas present list. Especially the biscuit buyers. – Biggest success although not in the nicest circumstances, least said.

7) Make more time to enjoy friends. – The good ones are always there for you

8) Try to post more often on this blog. – I’ve done better than I expected, probably bored a few of you and let my husband know more than is good for him. Have made a few “blog” friends though which made it worth the effort. I am always surprised by the power of the Internet.

9) Join a Knitalong and hopefully a swap. – 2 knitalongs and 1 swap.

Overall not bad for someone who doesn’t usually do resolutions.

3 responses to “Resolutions revisited

  1. Crikey! You should be proud as you’ve achieved so much. Loving the sock yarn 🙂

  2. You have been very productive with your list!! You have NEVER bored me 🙂

    Is that a posh skein I see before me? 🙂

  3. The yarn is indeed a Posh one. I don’t know the colour, and you have seen my problem, it is a Lucia Sock club edition.

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