In search of perfection

A bit of light heartedness to entertain you.

We live in Brighton although not next to the sea…..where the fish live.
August Bank Holiday saw us at Camber Sands and although we ate fish they weren’t accompanied by chips.
Where is everyone…..relatively clear beach and dunes.
It was quite warm.
Last weekend. After a very concerned husband bought me a new hairdryer, I think secretly he didn’t want to be seen out with me! We made the Isle of Wight, sadly the restaurant didn’t ring so we bussed it to The Needles Battery. No fish here.

Alum Bay with its coloured Sands.
Next weekend I will be winging my way North and will finally get the Fish and Chips to beat all. These are to be found in a village high on the Wolds miles from the sea but the freshest I have tasted. Wetwang here we come… isn’t that a name to conjure with!
Knitting wise, if you’re interested. I am battling with this in Rowan California Cotton. As you may have noticed I am usually knitting socks so the 300+ stitches on my needles are taking a bit of getting through.


3 responses to “In search of perfection

  1. LOL! Wetwang is not far from me. We drive up to Scarborough for fish and chips. There’s a great shop right off the beaten track, nowhere near the touristy bits, and the fish is delicious – fresh and fried to order, and they do mushy peas the old fashioned, proper way. Have a great trip πŸ™‚

  2. What beautiful photographs!!

    I love the little cardigan/wrap πŸ˜€

  3. Lovely photos, my favourite is the sparkling beach. Good luck with the shrug, it can get a bit daunting knitting a whole garment at once!

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