Don’t look at this on an empty stomach

A certain person in this house has been having a clear out, he is now at work so can’t be berated for this find. I have much, much, much smaller glasses now, really, I think these could make 4 of my current ones. In fact I think these are actually car windscreens. I have also realised the error of frilly blouses!

Circa 1989 so I don’t mind you seeing this one.

Sorry but another little rant, Short Row heels. Yes, I don’t learn and have tried again. In fact I am very proud of these which I started and finished on my journey home.

The problem is the join back onto the foot… big was that hole. Am now going to spend the next hour trying to find a solution then they get a proper heel flap.


2 responses to “Don’t look at this on an empty stomach

  1. Wow! You haven’t changed much. You are still a sweetjeart, just with a big heart instead of big glasses 🙂

    Thank you for signing up 🙂

  2. It was the eighties, so you have an excuse 🙂 Short row heels – arrgghhhh!!! I couldn’t find a solution to the big hole you get when you join back in, despite picking up extra stitches. Only two possibilities I can think of – darning 🙂 or no short row heels (best options methinks) 🙂

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