12 weeks and 1 down

In its entirety it looks good, see Ravelry if you can.
Completed during Nigella last night. Might just have to make some of that Rocky Road.
A Delia special for Dinner. Macaroni Au Gratin

I’m sure it won’t look like this but who cares as long as it tastes as good.


6 responses to “12 weeks and 1 down

  1. It’s beautiful!! I looked on ravelry too! šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely colours and great pattern!

  3. Love the yarn colours – must have a better look on Ravelry. I saw the Rocky Road recipe too and thought I must make some as our local deli sell it for a fortune and I love it šŸ™‚

  4. Nigella is such a tease with her delicious food! That rocky road looked delicious! Not sure I’d have my soup on a bus though! Yum to the macaroni chees…just off to check your scarf out on Ravelry! ~ Marianne

  5. Spastic Shepherd

    It’s beautiful! The ‘roni cheese (as my boys call it) looks great too. I think I have the fixins…maybe dinner tomorrow?

  6. Love the scarf, the macaroni looks great too. Off to investigate Rocky Road – had some fudge of that name recently and it was lovely.

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