Bakehouse Beauties?

Before I forget Halloween was unusually successful, only had to relinquish 2 bags of Haribo and that was in exchange for 2 pieces of cake. I’d personally call that a huge success.
Now onto saner things.
Posh Yarn Lucia
Colour: Watermelon

Evelyn A. Clark’s Waving Lace (Page 105)

Apart from this I will be tied to the kitchen this weekend after a quick trip to Lewes Farmers Market and Waitrose. Baking Victoria, Chocolate and Coffee sponges. Chocolate Beetroot Cake if these people deliver my Beetroot. Nigella’s Banana Bread. Delia’s Christmas Pudding in mini forms. Finally Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken Curry to shovel in whilst watching Strictly! Lets hope the right couple go out on Sunday.

With that I’m all linked out!
Enjoy your weekend XX

5 responses to “Bakehouse Beauties?

  1. Luscious yarn! And it goes so well with the pattern.

    Crikey, thats some bakefest! You having visitors? I used Delia’s pudding recipe, and next year I must make mini ones as the even the 1lb puds are too much!

    Yes, and everything crossed for the right couple (read: Kate and Anton!) to go out on Saturday although the tide seems to be turning on Kelly and Brendan after their apparently boastful performance on It Takes Two the other night…

  2. That is a beautiful colour of wool

    I am quite envious. My wool budget however has run out.

    ps – I’m with you on the strictly vote.

  3. Lovely socks – and I can smell the cakes already!

  4. Ooh love the yarn, such a pretty pattern too. The list of food is just fabulous …

  5. yarn and pattern compliment each other beautifully…can I have some cake please lol

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