Peak Week

Lots of pictures to bore you!

Snow fell in the village, but we’d already done some shopping at the potteries. And found the stash of coal for the Pyromaniac to hone his fire building skills.

Whilst aforementioned Pyromaniac entertained himself looking for quarries and trains, better not ask, we were dispatched to Manchester for the Day. First hiccup was cancelled train but I have travelled by train too long to let that affect me.

Christmas Market around the Town Hall, don’t you think inflated Santa looks like a Simpson character?
Ben Sherman thought a window of wobbling Turkey was festive, we agreed although you can’t get the wobble on a photo!

I rather liked the look of this among all the modern architecture. We then wandered the Food Hall of Selfridges BUT did not invest in either of these. Although the Gin would have been welcome to steady my nerves among the crowds.
I did my bit of spotting on the way home, not usually trains but I happened to have my camera handy. Eddie saves my sanity on any journey we do North as I am not a good passenger on busy roads.

Panic ye not I haven’t joined the other side, there will be knitting again.

One response to “Peak Week

  1. Looks like a great trip! And Bombay Sapphire is my favourite 🙂

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