As we were in York my photographer was killing time whilst I had my hair made presentable.

Strangely when I had presents to wrap there was another distraction, you may be interested!

I didn’t manage alot of knitting but this is the WIP, Chevron scarf from Last Minute knitted Gifts. It is wrapped round a very nice Christmas card by Piglottie productions. I have been lucky enough to “meet” some very nice people through this blog some of whom I hope I can call friends.

2008 has to be the year I catch up with my book backlog or we will be buried under it! These are just the Christmas ones.

But my “favouritist” present was this. A child at heart that’s me, is it bad that people know that?

3 responses to “Christmas

  1. I think I’d like to come to your house for tea please…

  2. I love your Percy Pig (though I love the M&S ones more I think lol). Great pictures – I was in York just before Christmas meeting up with a friend and I love the place. Great book haul too – I got Nigella’s book and Rick Stein’s new one, as well as some knitting books. And I love the chevron scarf!

  3. love the York pics and the pressies
    Suzie sews

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