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A success I think

Montego Bay is finished and I feel the need to show a few photos to try and do both the yarn and pattern justice.
I did wonder if the laciness of this pattern was me but as you can see it makes quite an un-lacy scarf also. The pattern makes it very stretchy so its surprisingly easy to mould and didn’t require blocking.

The yarn is lovely, I have already said it is “cool” to knit with which I know Natalie wanted me to explain………I know what I mean but its hard to describe. I often find when knitting with wool wool that my hands get very hot and breaks are required (sweaty palms some less polite would say), the Bamboo in this mean this is not the case and also mean that its not too warm a scarf for everyday wear. I have mentioned cotton string but that doesn’t do the yarn justice.
Try it you’ll like it.

Excuse the Double chin, very difficult photographing ones own neck!

I am feeling the need for a challenge, my enthusiasm for socks and scarves is on the wane. I think theres enough in stock.

So, what next, any suggestions?


Spring has Sprung

Well these Tulips have anyway.

Guess I’ll have to find replacements tomorrow.
Snow in April again? Maybe not for those of you in the North.
Knitting is unfinished at the moment but I am working on that.
Currently Loving: Yarn Yard Bamboo.
Currently hating: Eating sandwiches with a Knife and Fork!
Currently Reading: Little Face by Sophie Hannah
Currently listening to: Andrea Bocelli (still)
Currently Wearing (sockwise): Cornish Scallops, think I’ll do some more of these.

Oxygen required Urgently

I know I said I wouldn’t mention this again and I promise this will be the last time.

My tooth quote has just increased 6 fold and it wasn’t low to start with! I don’t like the look of the pictures either, the booklet is entitled “How Dental Implants can change your life”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be on the streets soon.

With my wool of course.

Am consoling myself with Andrea.


I said I intended finishing things, well I managed to finish one longstanding project. the Chevron Scarf is in the box.

The results of this pattern are good but it does become a bit tedious eventually. I am hopeful theres enough yarn left for a pair of socks. They will have to be Toe Up and stripey so don’t expect them soon.

Did I say I wasn’t casting anything else on, maybe I didn’t voice it but that was my intention. Anyway the Friday (and Saturday) night project. Two cowls Green is Fyberspates and thinner due to lack of yardage but fine for my short neck! Bluey one is Natural Dye Studio. I may have mentioned my aversion to sewing, due mainly to having a seamstress in the family. so I knit the seam.

Just to ruin any promises I made, a Montego Bay Scarf in Yarn Yard Bamboo, strangely it is a cool yarn to knit with. You would have to try it to understand what I mean.

The Colour is SnowBlue and I have changed down to Lantern Moon 4mm needles which are actually nearer to 4.5mm.

Now you won’t ever believe a word I say……


Snowflake socks, not as neat as perhaps they could be but not bad for a first attempt.

January seems to be the month of starting things, last Saturday I knits this in Fyberspates yarn. On Sunday I frogged it because it would have never been big enough. Attempt 2 is this weekend with a bigger skein of Natural Dye Studio yarn.

Good Companions, this is my current travel kit. This year I am determined to get through the book mountain. So far so good, this is the second.

The scarf is this very simple pattern.
In lovely Yarn Yard Merino Chuckle.

I am going to attempt to get a couple of things finished this weekend, then I can start the Socktopus Sock Club socks.

Next books on the list.


A piece of plain paper was found, well an envelope was dismembered.

7 names were written on individual segments. Then thrown into the Pensive (after it had been dusted!).
A passing, semi independent, Draw master turned his back on the bowl and drew out a piece of envelope. Looked very technical to me.
The Winner is………Natalie
A book, which I hope you will enjoy, will be in the post to you later this week.
For the unlucky ones the next BAFAB week is in April but I hope you’ll visit again before then.

WIP’s or some of

I am almost at the end of my final Secret mission in between times among others I am finishing off the second Snowflake sock, not one for the train. does anyone have a good solution to not having yarn requiring untwisting after every row?

This is my current train project, not very wise, there are days when I have only managed a few rows due to the concentration required and dropping stitches.
That little Scarf in Dream in colour Smooshy Ruby River.
The chevron scarf keeps getting a few rows
I really must stop reading Blogs, now want to knit a scarf along these lines with either of these.
Yarn Yard Merino the Blue is a club offering and the other Chuckle.
What do you think?

Finally, this is part of my dress today, I am eyeing up the sparkles for card making so it may not be long for this world. Now that’s what I call recycling.

Sorry about the quality of photos, its grim here today.