Oh No!

One of my front teeth has just broken off.
How bonny will I look!
I hate dentists.


6 responses to “Oh No!

  1. oh no!! oh my!! you poor thing….it will be ok. Did you bash it on a cup or something? This happened to my Dad and i dread it happening to me….a hug!

  2. Tracy at woollies.wordpress.com

    What a terrible jolt! But don’t despair–it CAN be fixed. I broke a tooth (while eating jellybeans!) just a few weeks before my wedding. I hate dentists, too, but the process of getting it fixed wasn’t too bad–just a little time consuming. Good luck!!

  3. oh no:(

  4. Ouch!

    Hope you can find a dentist quickly.


  5. Noooo!!!! Not good 😦 Hope you get it sorted.

    PS: I haven’t heard the word bonny in ages! Excellent word 🙂

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