Snowflake socks, not as neat as perhaps they could be but not bad for a first attempt.

January seems to be the month of starting things, last Saturday I knits this in Fyberspates yarn. On Sunday I frogged it because it would have never been big enough. Attempt 2 is this weekend with a bigger skein of Natural Dye Studio yarn.

Good Companions, this is my current travel kit. This year I am determined to get through the book mountain. So far so good, this is the second.

The scarf is this very simple pattern.
In lovely Yarn Yard Merino Chuckle.

I am going to attempt to get a couple of things finished this weekend, then I can start the Socktopus Sock Club socks.

Next books on the list.


5 responses to “Finished

  1. Queen of the froggers

    The socks are great. I have just read Chesil beach, fabulous writing. Your Pensive bowl is beautiful in the last post, where did it come from?

  2. Lovely Snowflake socks. And the NDS yarn is gorgeous 🙂

  3. The snowflake socks look fabulous!

    Lovely scarfs too!! I know what you mean about finishing before starting something new.

  4. Must try that scarf pattern!
    I haven’t read any of your next three books but have heard great things of Little Face in particular.

  5. The socks are great! I’m struggling to finish a book I started last November!

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