I said I intended finishing things, well I managed to finish one longstanding project. the Chevron Scarf is in the box.

The results of this pattern are good but it does become a bit tedious eventually. I am hopeful theres enough yarn left for a pair of socks. They will have to be Toe Up and stripey so don’t expect them soon.

Did I say I wasn’t casting anything else on, maybe I didn’t voice it but that was my intention. Anyway the Friday (and Saturday) night project. Two cowls Green is Fyberspates and thinner due to lack of yardage but fine for my short neck! Bluey one is Natural Dye Studio. I may have mentioned my aversion to sewing, due mainly to having a seamstress in the family. so I knit the seam.

Just to ruin any promises I made, a Montego Bay Scarf in Yarn Yard Bamboo, strangely it is a cool yarn to knit with. You would have to try it to understand what I mean.

The Colour is SnowBlue and I have changed down to Lantern Moon 4mm needles which are actually nearer to 4.5mm.

Now you won’t ever believe a word I say……


4 responses to “Ooops!

  1. What wonderful knits you have there 🙂 I love the Montego Bay Scarf especially. Good luck on the tooth front!! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one with chronic startitis! Lovely projects – half the joy is having all this gorgeous yarn running through the fingers isn’t it?

  3. Queen of the froggers

    The scarf is gorgeous.

  4. Busy bee 🙂 I love the Chevron scarf and the cowls (gorgeous colours).

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