This was finished within the Mystery Stole3 (Swan Lake and The Wings of A Dream) Knitalong timescale but has been in a cupboard since. So as I am trying to clear things up this weekend I have got it as far as blocking. Sadly I think it is far too fine for me to wear.

Knit in Yarn Yard Lace (which appears to be this weeks bargain) the pattern was much easier than I was expecting because of the hype. I like to try new things and this taught me how to bead which I am sure will be useful, it is also the first Cobweb lace I have knit and I am sure there are other things but it was a few months ago now.

P.S. The cushion cover is finished and ready for dispatch.


3 responses to “Blocking

  1. Oh stunning!!!! I wish I had your patience. Everytime I get the hang of a pattern I have to put it down to do something for the little uns. Maybe when they are older I can get back to lace.

    It is good enough to be on display!!!


  2. Looks gorgeous. I’ve been wearing mine as a scarf to keep me warm in the office. It sat in my drawer for ages before I was brave enough to take it out into the big wide world for fear of it being lost or worse

  3. Queen of the froggers

    That is beautiful, you must wear it, even if just around the house!

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