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Elizabeth – This is for you.

Vegan Clotted Cream!!



It may take some time to get used to but it might save me some SPAM……

That Not So Little Scarf

This took much longer than it should as it required some concentration!

The reverse unblocked, rather like a mogul field. I’m not a skier but was once launched down one of these.
The front.
So you won’t get too bored of photos, the blocking shots.

Pattern: That Little Scarf, Knitspot
Yarn: Dream in Colour Smooshy, Ruby River.
Very hard to catch the colour but one of these pictures will be near.
The Detail:
I used 4mm needles and did 13 extra pattern repeats, so 32 in total. This gave unblocked dimensions 44″ x 6″. Blocked aggressively, is there any other way, 71.5″ x 9.5″.
Despite being opened up much more than the pattern suggests it is still warm and perfect for what I wanted, see next photo. It will not be worn by the stairs on a regular basis!!
Maybe I’ll do another some day, I’m thinking Bamboo.
Happy Easter.

Blue Jeans

One thing finished in readiness for Easter. This pattern got better as it went along. I think it shows the lovely colours of what looked like a very blue skein off. Certainly has a look of flowing water.
Pattern: Go with the Flow from Interweave Favourite Socks.
Yarn: Yarn Yard Sock, Blue Jeans
Sock Blockers, part of the Socktopus Sock Club, newly arrived and a much better size than my others.

I am amassing a few bags of yarn, I know I said I was banned but one lot is for himself a jumper. One is for a Hemlock Ring Blanket, I am going to have to stop looking at Ravelry and Blogs. Will it be the Glace or the Juniper?
Jaeger Merino Aran in Juniper. Rooster Aran in Mushroom and Rooster DK in Glace. They were all relative bargains.

You may have gathered that this house has not just a passing connection with Railways, I am saying no more.
Man at the Post Office was intrigued by the Customs declaration that said Sock Blockers!. I left him wondering.
Getting a bit of extra knitting time in as I have 2 unexpected days off work due to a certain visit I made on Tuesday, 1.5 hours in the chair, lovely swollen face.

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Very sad news yesterday.


Good news is Alexander McCall Smith was on Breakfast TV with Mr J. L. B Matekoni of Speedy Motors and they are hopefully starting filming a 13 part series in the summer!

More to come it would seem.

Its Raining, its Pouring.

The South Downs! Honestly.

Shoes, you can never have too many. My first Pair, Start-Rites and they almost match one of my newest acquisitions!

Is anyone else looking forward to The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Easter Sunday?

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Still Here

If a little distracted by the usual sock problem.
It all started so well with these.
Yarn Yard Sock Yarn, Blue Jeans .
Pattern: Go with the Flow from Interweave Knits Favourite Socks.

They weren’t growing quickly enough, 2.25mm problem!

So I cast on these. Chameleon Colourworks Evolution, Figgy Pudding.
Pattern: Evolution Rib courtesy of Gilraen. 3mm very quick.
Can you tell I got distracted here as well.

A Swell Yarn Duet Middy, sorry can’t remember the colour!
Pattern: Yarn Harlots Basic Sock recipe.
2.25mm again, oops.

I really need to get these 3 finished for Good Friday as I have big plans for Easter weekend. The latest Socktopus Sock Club socks, finish That Little Scarf , pattern and yarn poised for Hypotenuse, I seem to remember someone mentioned a Knitalong?? !

I am itching to knit a bit of Lace, please don’t give me any more ideas, well maybe one or two perhaps. I have Kiri, Spring Things, another Montego Bay and various others in mind especially if I manage to snaffle some Silk tonight, I’m not going to tell you where from because I need a fighting chance. Although I am confident, if the silk eludes me, that I have a few other yarns that will do.

There’s Mitts aswell, think I need a lie down.