Its Raining, its Pouring.

The South Downs! Honestly.

Shoes, you can never have too many. My first Pair, Start-Rites and they almost match one of my newest acquisitions!

Is anyone else looking forward to The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Easter Sunday?

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8 responses to “Its Raining, its Pouring.

  1. I love your shoes!!!!!

  2. I love your shoes,startrite sounds like shoes for toddlers, such fun!

  3. No 1 Ladies detective Agency? Where? TV? Radio? Where? I love the book – where is it? Getting very excited now. I’ll be in North Wales with the in-laws and it’s really not their thing. Might I be allowed to stop at home?!

  4. Working Mom Knits

    *seconding first 20 words of Michaela’s comment* Do tell! And pleas say that it will be available in the USA as well.

    Didn’t I head somewhere about another book?

    ps: LOVE the red shoes!

  5. I love Precious, the books are fabulous, I’ve even started drinking red bush tea to get the full sense of being in Botswana.

    btw, nice shoes

  6. oh those darling red shoes and looks like you’ve loved that style all your life!

  7. How funny, my first pair were almost exactly the same and startrite as well! And red! You have come full circle……

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