Monthly Archives: April 2008

PIF and Pickle

The Package I had to collect yesterday caused some problems at the sorting office, they had served about 15 people by the time the chap came back to ask if I’d arranged re-delivery. When he returned with said package the reason for non-delivery was blatantly obvious, another parcel had been attached thus covering the re-deliver Friday sticker……it makes you wonder.

Anyway, I can only tell you about one of thes packages and it was my PIF gift from Gilraen. I am so chuffed, my first pair of socks knit by someone else! No-Purl Monkeys in Fiesta Baby Boom with a Yarnimals row marker and stitch marker attached, how strange that I had been contemplating these this week, there was also some yummy chocolate.

Proof they fit!

Thank you for such a lovely treat.

In our Riverford box last week we had a couple of Aubergines which reminded me I hadn’t made any of this for a while, so we collected more Aubergines and a few spices from Taj yesterday and hey presto, Aubergine Pickle. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, can you tell I like it?

The Le Cruset pot took a hit, a bit of extra flavouring for the next casserole me thinks.

It always takes a while to remove all the Turmeric yellow from the kitchen afterwards, bit of bleach required but well worth it.


Just a Trifle

We have had a few deliveries this week, some more interesting than others. Sheds don’t do alot for me!

I have a new Mobile and to save the usual cost of a case I thought I’d put into service one of the remnants of a pair of socks, there are many in this house. So by the time my new phone had been configured I had rustled up this in Yarn Yard sock yarn Blue Jeans. The pattern is a top down cannibalisation of this one. Natalie is selling 25g skeins at the moment which will be more than enough for one of these.

Now, as I had to remove everything from my old phone I can now show you the dreaded Trifle from a few weekends ago, when it snowed and we were let down by our dinner guests. Trifles are alright in very small amounts, this one ended its days in the bin. It was meant for 4 with a doggy bag!

Have a good weekend, we are going to Wagamama tonight via the Post Office as they have seen fit not to redeliver a package.

Happy Day

I do like Spring.

Hostas are June and Tea and Crumpets!!

Fat Pigeon is fighting the Sparrow and Blackbird for crumbs, they’re lucky we chase off the Seagulls.

Skin of my Teeth

Skin of the Sea almost finished. That was the easy bit, have looked at the pattern and the words Wrap and Sew jump out at me. It could be sometime before I wear this. Hopefully before I go on this workshop Professional finishing techniques workshop with Jane Crowfoot 01/10/08, but you never know!

So now I am back in my comfort zone of small non sewing projects.

Montego Bay Scarf in Yarn Yard Bamboo, colour Aurora.

I am addicted to this yarn as far as Spring scarves are concerned and the Montego Bay is just the right side of Lace to be practical but not fussy so this will go equally well with a Denim Jacket or a floaty dress, not that I possess many of those.

It is a little bigger than in the picture but I have started a Swallowtail aswell so am getting a little distracted.

Neighbourhood Tunnels

These are the second part of the Socktopus Sock Club. A very interesting knit with a few things to make you think. I am still no expert on Wrapping and Turning so will avoid this if I can. The Shelridge Farm Ultra yarn is lovely and when I finally make an inroad into my stash I may splash out, may will be sometime unfortunately.

Sorry for the photo angle, it does look awkward, but it seemed to show the most detail at this angle.



Dinners Done

Not a very exciting one but they are delicious and the best use of Peanut Butter in my mind.

Curried Vegetable Burgers.

 I am told by my neighbour, who has numerous children that they resemble something but for the life of me I can’t remember!!


You get the idea. I love these colours.