Neighbourhood TunnelsI have been busy, but busy on big things, things that need big needles. I’m not used to this.

So firstly we have Skin of the Sea, 3/4 done, just needs one side and all the bands. This is why the weather has changed, the fact that my husband has just left the house in shorts means it will snow!


Next we have Hypoteneuse, in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. The colour is Ferrel which is a much richer brown than the photograph shows. 10 repeats of the 18 done. This has been my train knitting but i fear it is getting a little large to handle in the confines of a busy commuter train.


I have also started my Socktopus Sock Club Part2. Neighbourhood Tunnels. A very interesting and not as difficult as it looks Toe-up pattern although I know my Wrapping and Turning are not as they should be, nevertheless there aren’t any holes and I’d have a job seeing the offending bits when they are on.


Finally, finished some weeks ago. Another pair of Evolution Rib Socks this time in Figgy Pudding.


3 responses to “Idleing

  1. I love the blue colour knitting, beautiful. Well done with the toe ups. I am just finishing some, well started the second sock!, and I still prefer top down socks.

  2. Great knitting!!! The figgy socks turned out really well, was the pattern okay? or do I need to write things differently? 🙂

    I haven’t had time to knit my club socks yet. I haven’t finished the first ones yet!.

  3. skin of the sea looks very interesting, what yarn are you using?, love the socks as always, specially the figgy pudding!

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