Skin of my Teeth

Skin of the Sea almost finished. That was the easy bit, have looked at the pattern and the words Wrap and Sew jump out at me. It could be sometime before I wear this. Hopefully before I go on this workshop Professional finishing techniques workshop with Jane Crowfoot 01/10/08, but you never know!

So now I am back in my comfort zone of small non sewing projects.

Montego Bay Scarf in Yarn Yard Bamboo, colour Aurora.

I am addicted to this yarn as far as Spring scarves are concerned and the Montego Bay is just the right side of Lace to be practical but not fussy so this will go equally well with a Denim Jacket or a floaty dress, not that I possess many of those.

It is a little bigger than in the picture but I have started a Swallowtail aswell so am getting a little distracted.


4 responses to “Skin of my Teeth

  1. Looking fabulous as always!

  2. The colours are great!

  3. How can you bear not to wear something so pretty? I do know how you feel though – I can be infinitely patient with my knitting but I undergo a complete personality change when faced with sewing up!

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