Just a Trifle

We have had a few deliveries this week, some more interesting than others. Sheds don’t do alot for me!

I have a new Mobile and to save the usual cost of a case I thought I’d put into service one of the remnants of a pair of socks, there are many in this house. So by the time my new phone had been configured I had rustled up this in Yarn Yard sock yarn Blue Jeans. The pattern is a top down cannibalisation of this one. Natalie is selling 25g skeins at the moment which will be more than enough for one of these.

Now, as I had to remove everything from my old phone I can now show you the dreaded Trifle from a few weekends ago, when it snowed and we were let down by our dinner guests. Trifles are alright in very small amounts, this one ended its days in the bin. It was meant for 4 with a doggy bag!

Have a good weekend, we are going to Wagamama tonight via the Post Office as they have seen fit not to redeliver a package.


One response to “Just a Trifle

  1. I hope you like your parcel 😉 🙂

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