PIF and Pickle

The Package I had to collect yesterday caused some problems at the sorting office, they had served about 15 people by the time the chap came back to ask if I’d arranged re-delivery. When he returned with said package the reason for non-delivery was blatantly obvious, another parcel had been attached thus covering the re-deliver Friday sticker……it makes you wonder.

Anyway, I can only tell you about one of thes packages and it was my PIF gift from Gilraen. I am so chuffed, my first pair of socks knit by someone else! No-Purl Monkeys in Fiesta Baby Boom with a Yarnimals row marker and stitch marker attached, how strange that I had been contemplating these this week, there was also some yummy chocolate.

Proof they fit!

Thank you for such a lovely treat.

In our Riverford box last week we had a couple of Aubergines which reminded me I hadn’t made any of this for a while, so we collected more Aubergines and a few spices from Taj yesterday and hey presto, Aubergine Pickle. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, can you tell I like it?

The Le Cruset pot took a hit, a bit of extra flavouring for the next casserole me thinks.

It always takes a while to remove all the Turmeric yellow from the kitchen afterwards, bit of bleach required but well worth it.

4 responses to “PIF and Pickle

  1. I am really delighted they fit 🙂 Thank you.

  2. great colour, great socks!

  3. Lovely socks and great looking pickle!

  4. Great socks there, and the pickle looks yummy!

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