Do Not Touch

Montego Bay Scarf in Yarn Yard Bamboo, shade Aurora.



This weekend we are mostly doing Artist Open Houses in Brighton.

Enjoy your weekend.


5 responses to “Do Not Touch

  1. That looks lovely! Enjoy the open houses, waht a great idea. Hope monkey behaves!

  2. Have a lovely weekend! The scarf looks lovely. 🙂

  3. What a pretty scarf, watch out for that cheeky money though 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to buy lace blocking wires for an age, I can see you’re using them for this piece – how long are the longest wires? I imagine they’d be ideal for shawls too, just was never sure about how big a piece they could be used on 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I like it blocked rather than unblocked I think. I’m going to block my Blend one. Need to find blocking wires first though.

  5. That is really lovely. It reminds me of a nobbly bobbly ice cream. (I may be the only person who has heard of them) Wow, I’ve never even heard of lace blocking wires, I’m such a lace novice. I need to branch out…….

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