Better Pictures

So this is the Grand Finale for the Aurora Montego Bay.

After blocking it measured 79″ x 9″, by comparison, my previous version which will remain unblocked is 49″ x 9″. I like them both in different ways, possibly the longer is better for Spring. Both have been in Yarn Yard Bamboo, still up there in the favourites for me, especially combined with Natalies dyeing skills.

This pattern is very easy and useful for TV knitting, it can get a bit monotonous but the results are worth it. There will be more of these but I won’t bore you with them.

2 responses to “Better Pictures

  1. Lovely photos, they really do the scarf justice. Thanks for the rec on the bamboo from YY too, I haven’t tried it – yet 🙂 And thanks again for the details on the blocking wies:-)

  2. Lovely, I have some YY yarn in greens which might be just right for that!

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