Playing Catch Up

As usual!

 When we were in Wagamama a few weeks back I was doing my usual, people watching. I noticed some taking photographs along the adjacent street so we had to investigate on our way to the bus stop, we know how to live.

This was the first we came upon and by far my favourite.

Then opposite was this.

These were in a small private car park. The final wall had this.

Further up the Street were these on facing side walls.

Whilst I agree that Graffitti can be more than a nuisance and often an eyesore I thought these brightened up the dreary ends of buildings and even with spray cans these were better artists than me. I suspect they had permission or the owners found it brightened up an otherwise dull area. It was certainly getting alot of interest.


One response to “Playing Catch Up

  1. Those are fantastic!

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