Just for a change thought I would advertise one of my recent purchases. Contrary to what I should be doing I have acquired a lot few bits of yarn recently. Dentist bills are up to date and I’m not due back til July!! 

Lovely Skein Queen Mulberry –  4 ply merino/silk
in Rockpool colourway. This is the first time I have actually asked someone to dye yarn for me, although this appears to be a standard SQ colourway. A totally painless experience with beautiful results and you are kept informed all through the process. I am now trying to remember what I had in mind for it! Maybe I’ll just admire it for a while longer before destroying the neat skeins with my possessed wool winder.

 Etsy is a truly dangerous place.

Enjoy your weekend.

I’m sitting quietly in a corner knitting because he who would like to be obeyed is nights.

 And don’t we love night shift!!


3 responses to “YPF

  1. I love it and I love SQ’s colours/yarns too 🙂

    What will it become? 🙂

  2. see post below lol

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