YPF – Bamboo

Have you noticed my recent obsession for Bamboo?

So far I have used Regia Bamboo, very nice for socks. Yarn Yard Caber which is perfect for scarves/shawls.

In the interest of Market Research (my excuse) I have acquired, and it was no mean feat, Posh Yarn Lei. While I was there I thought I’d get 2 just in case I  never succeed again, Posh seems to have taken off in a big way.

Posh Lei – Seikh

Next the very nice Alice at Socktopus is now stocking Yukon Bamboo Merino yarn.

Yukon – Really Red

Yukon – River Rock

Not sure what any of these will become but currently I am knitting Flutter my Miriam Felton in Yarn Yard Caber – Caramello colourway (there’s some left in the shop). No photos yet as I got delayed by having to frog the lot when I couldn’t manage to pick up from the provisional cast on. Is it just me or do you always lose a stitch! fingers crossed this time.


3 responses to “YPF – Bamboo

  1. Lovely stuff there!
    I always crochet 5 or 6 extra stitches for a provisional cast on, but I can never get the stitches to unzip properly afterwards…

  2. I’d love to acquire some Lei too, am biding my time! Love the colourway you got.

  3. How do you like your regia socks? I’m in the middle of making a pair with this yarn and while it feels very nice, they seem a bit *drapey*. Socks should NOT be drapey. I’m using a 2.5mm and getting 9st/in, which is good, but I’m thinking it could be the nature of the yarn….

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