Before the Thunder Storms arrive!

A few of my favourites that are out at the moment, Alliums and Clematis. There appears to be a pinky purple theme here, not intentional.

Iris and Bleeding Hearts with a touch of sauciness in the middle! One of our purchases from an Artist Open House.

Have a lovely weekend, I am on the home strait with Flutter so photos soon.


8 responses to “Blooming

  1. I love the Alliums. In fact they are all very beautiful!

  2. some of my favourite colours:)

  3. Oooh flutter is pretty, haven’t seen that one before.

  4. Such pretty flowers. Flutter is lovely, isn’t it?
    Please have a look at my blog ( and consider yourself tagged…if you’d like to, of course.

  5. Fabulous flowers. I’ve been potting up veggies today but you reminded me that I need some beauty in my garden too.

    Looking forward to seeing your Flutter. Mine may take a bit longer…

  6. Pretty flowers, the rain today will do them good!

  7. Beautiful flowers, they are very cheering 🙂

  8. gorgeous colour!
    love the flowers too, mine aren’t so far ahead yet, comes with living over the border!

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