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I’m undecided about these.


Pattern: Rivendell

18:10 Edit: Sorry a clue is always useful. Its a fit thing and the heel has caused a bit of trouble, maybe a good blocking will sort them out. You are all very kind and encouraging, thank you XX.


Knitting, did someone mention knitting

I do sometimes do knitting and finally I have finished something……started many others though.


Pattern: Snake Skin Socks 

Yarn: Sophies Toes Weekend Getaway.

Needles: 2.5mm

Brilliant pattern, very easy and shows up the colours of handpainted yarn very well. There is already another pair half done.

Enjoy your weekend.

Todays Dinner

This weeks veg box looked fairly unchallenging until we had a few substitutions, including these.

Hopefully this recipe will do them justice.

Home grown Rosemary. Wet Garlic, Artichokes and Lemon from the box.

Potatoes from Asda but you can’t have everything!!

Knitting news when I manage to finish something, there’s plenty on the needles but it doesn’t make for interesting reading.

Holiday Snaps

The title is a warning but as we went to the Lake district there will be no scantily clad bodies! I have also saved your boredom by making a couple of collages, yes again. We stayed in a converted barn just south of Kendal, this is the view from the window opposite the sofa and I wasn’t avoiding anything other than a telegraph pole. Behind the barn was a different matter, the West Coast Main Railway Line with the trains from London to Glasgow among others and he said it wasn’t intentional.

Still it was very peaceful, honest.


A selection of pictures from Holker Hall, well worth a visit. Hill Top, Beatrix Potters home. Levens Hall. WastWater, the prettiest and quietest valley in the Lake district, in our opinion.

Of course we had the monkee along with us.

We sneaked a visit to the Cartmel Village shop in, home of the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Finally after spending a week in the Lakes and not taking advantage of all the  walking opportunities, very big hills for us non walkers, we returned to York and had a day out to climb Roseberry Topping. Fabulous views of the North York Moors, the North Sea and Industrial Teeside! It was worth it although I thought Death (comes from reading The Book Thief I think) was near a few times. I am so proud of managing to crawl up there that against my usual rules I have sneaked in a picture of me, I really was that red. Must attempt to get fit.


I have been tagged by both Gilraen and Up Knit Creek so these, if it interests you, are my answers to the current Meme doing the rounds.
1) What was I doing ten years ago?

Packing boxes ready to move to where we are now, it’s amazing what you can fit into a 2 bedroom flat.

Doing a job I enjoyed.

I don’t lead a very exciting life.

2) What are five things on my to-do list for today? 

Shopping, the cupboards are bare! Well we don’t have any Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for someone.

Ironing, a mountain despite what I managed to do whilst at my Mums.

Gardening, planting Salad leaves and Basil. If it stops raining long enough.


Knitting of course.

3) Snacks I enjoy:

 Mainly savoury, Crisps, Nuts, Bombay Mix, Seeds etc. My sweet weakness is anything gummy, Haribo being top of the list with M & S Percy Pigs coming a close second.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: 

Leave my very boring job (I didn’t chose it is all I’m saying)

Move back North.

No doubt a lot of it would be given away!

5) Places I have lived:

York, UK; Brighton, UK. Not very well travelled.

 6) Jobs I have had:

Checkout Operator at Asda, before Barcodes!

Various Shop Sales jobs, all seasonal.

After school I joined British Rail, when it was a job for life. So if you’re ready here is what I have done there in various departments, most have disappeared now. If they do still exist they are privately owned: 

  • Railcard Issuing
  • Conference Ticketing
  • Hotel Booking
  • Book-Keeping
  • Selling Rail Tickets
  • Fault Reporting for both Telecoms and Signals.
  • Seat Reservation System administration.
  • Telephone Enquiries
  • International Rail Bookings
  • Numerous others that are a bit strange to try and explain!

If you wish to join in feel free.