Todays Dinner

This weeks veg box looked fairly unchallenging until we had a few substitutions, including these.

Hopefully this recipe will do them justice.

Home grown Rosemary. Wet Garlic, Artichokes and Lemon from the box.

Potatoes from Asda but you can’t have everything!!

Knitting news when I manage to finish something, there’s plenty on the needles but it doesn’t make for interesting reading.


5 responses to “Todays Dinner

  1. hhhmmmmm fresh artichokes, love them, but the only time I tried to cook them was a disaster, hope you have more success than me!

  2. I wouldn’t know how to cook Artichokes, I hope you enjoyed them. 🙂

  3. Looks lovely!!! I’m feeling hungry looking at the picture and I’ve just eaten! 🙂

  4. Artichokes with lemon vinaigrette?
    Who does your veg box BTW?

  5. sounds delicious! Barry won’t eat too many vegetables so I don’t get to try these sort of recipes lately :^(

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