I’m undecided about these.


Pattern: Rivendell

18:10 Edit: Sorry a clue is always useful. Its a fit thing and the heel has caused a bit of trouble, maybe a good blocking will sort them out. You are all very kind and encouraging, thank you XX.


6 responses to “Hmmm

  1. I think they are beautiful… if you don’t want them you can always send them my way! What don’t you like?

  2. I love the pattern, why don’t you like it.

  3. they are so beautiful:)

  4. I agree with Roo and Ambermoggie!

  5. I do like them!! The colour is lovely 🙂

    Why not finish one and try it on, then decide! 🙂

  6. I do like them and I think they will be great when done, but I know what you mean too! I think they will all come together when they are a pair. the yarn is a fab colour.

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