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Bag Lady

Not perfect but they are my first attempts.

Made from Tea Towels, some were better than others.

As they say, you get what you pay for and this Primark one is quite obviously limited in its uses. It stretched quite badly so was quite difficult to sew.

They were made from this tutorial.


La Fin

  Pattern: Diamond Check Sock bought in a moment of madness!

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Colour:  Asphalt, specially dyed for the Tour De France Knitalong.

Needles: 2.25mm

Started: 6th July

Finished: 22nd July

Remaining Yarn: 2gish, impossible to weigh!!

Should you be foolish or some may say brave enough to attempt these socks be warned.

These were fairly straightforward to knit despite the look, 46 mitred squares per sock, an afterthought heel and toe. I guesstimate there were appx 30 ends needed hand sewing in, the others were ‘knit’ in. Glad I joined the knitalong as this pattern had been in my folder for about a year and would probably have remained there forever more.


 Jane I am now looking for a big enough frame as I am not confident about my sewing!

Going to see Mama Mia tonight, himself is coming but is concerned I’ll howl sing in public! Maybe I’ll dance instead, I am a child of the 70’s after all.

Enjoy your weekend.

Close Finish

I may have to send out begging letters or perhaps have peep toe socks.

Easily Led

Just look what you’ve got me contemplating now!

I have also booked myself a little course.

Onto more mundane things, TDF Stage 2.

 Don’t worry there won’t be that many stages to this.

This is a sock honestly.

The front.

The Sole.

Okay I know there’s a few bits missing like the Rib, Toe and Heel but I have had to resort to Alcohol and Cake to get me through the weaving in of ends stage already.

 Jane, not quite 96 because there are only 48 squares here!


TDF – Stage 1

96 of these, sorry about the shake but it was fear!

So far so good, a foot part made.

To the heel shaping. And I still haven’t got a Yellow jersey, back to the Mountains for me.

Knitted in Yarn Yard Bonny, one of the two colours dyed for the Tour.

Pattern: Diamond Check Sock.


I think thats the right word.

This is all I have left to finish a Tea Cosy, back to the drawing board!

Serves me right for trying to fit this in between everything else. Time to get on my bike I think.

12 Years

Happy Anniversary.

Are we really that old!