Catch Up

On Saturday we had one of our jaunts, sadly Woolfest isn’t on our doorstep, so we went across to the Isle of Wight which is slightly closer. Some would think it a cheaper alternative aswell!

We caught the bus down to Ventnor with lunch in mind, who said we only think of our stomachs, its an adventure after all. En-route we caught glimpses of one or two yachts, well we would, it was the Round the Island Yacht Race with 2000ish entries.

These pictures were taken along the coast walk between Ventnor and Bonchurch.

 Despite leaving Brighton with rain threatening it was very sunny and a tad windy where we were, very red faces!

The Isle of Wight holds alot of memories for me, we holidayed there quite a number of years when I was young and for a child living in the Vale of York it was a huge adventure, almost abroad.

 Thankfully our chosen restaurant, The Pond Cafe was quiet possibly due to the fact it doesn’t have a sea view. Worth a visit if you are over there.

As luck would have it we decided to get off the bus at the top of Union Street in Ryde, basically this is a hill straight down to the Solent. A certain person was doing his usual running past any interesting shops, interesting to me that is, when I did an emergency stop on seeing an Amy Butler sewing pattern in the window of a shop I hadn’t noticed before. On further inspection this shop had a small selection of AB fabrics, patterns, knitting books, needles, buttons and yarn. Thankfully the owner confirmed they had only moved to Union Street 2 weeks earlier so I hadn’t been walking by and missing out, she also mentioned the popularity of the crafty corner which was only a bout 10% of the shop floor so fingers crossed it grows. You know whats coming next don’t you?  

 I know I don’t do sewing, yet, but you see on Friday I treated myself to one of these. This will test my patience but I am going to start on some more reasonable fabric purchased on Etsy.

6 responses to “Catch Up

  1. Frenchy bag is great – I use mine all of the time.

  2. that must have been glorious watching the yachts glide by…

  3. Looks lovely – never been to IOW even though Brighton isn’t really that far – you’ve inspired me to try and take a trip there – thank you.

  4. Stunning pictures!!

    Gorgeous fabric, good luck with the bag!! 🙂

  5. You’ve just made me homesick! I’m off to the island next weekend to see my dad so not long to wait.

    You chose one of the most beautiful parts to visit – glad that you enjoyed it.

  6. I must go and find the crafty shop next time we are on the island, I usually look in the Liz Earle shop there which is lovely.

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