La Fin

  Pattern: Diamond Check Sock bought in a moment of madness!

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Colour:  Asphalt, specially dyed for the Tour De France Knitalong.

Needles: 2.25mm

Started: 6th July

Finished: 22nd July

Remaining Yarn: 2gish, impossible to weigh!!

Should you be foolish or some may say brave enough to attempt these socks be warned.

These were fairly straightforward to knit despite the look, 46 mitred squares per sock, an afterthought heel and toe. I guesstimate there were appx 30 ends needed hand sewing in, the others were ‘knit’ in. Glad I joined the knitalong as this pattern had been in my folder for about a year and would probably have remained there forever more.


 Jane I am now looking for a big enough frame as I am not confident about my sewing!

Going to see Mama Mia tonight, himself is coming but is concerned I’ll howl sing in public! Maybe I’ll dance instead, I am a child of the 70’s after all.

Enjoy your weekend.


10 responses to “La Fin

  1. They are fantastic!

  2. They are fabulous. I am so glad you mentioned the 30 ends to weave in, I couldn’t do that!

  3. wonderful socks, and as the Tour isn’t over yet you can consider yourself a winner!!
    Enjoy Mamma Mia, and stay right to the end of the credits!

  4. Wow!!!! That is dedication!!!! They are lovely 🙂

  5. Seriously impressed – they look great.

  6. trés jolie, infact I don’t know enough french to say stupendous, incrediblé, a wonder, a miracle! Best socks I’ve seen all year.

  7. I have been watching the progress of these socks and love them! I’m sorely tempted, they are so very beautiful and I do have lots of sock yarn. OK then, I’m convinced, off to buy the pattern now.

  8. “Dear goodness!” as my granny would have said. Those are awe-inspiring! Somebody stop me…. I am feeling this terrible compulsion to download the pattern – no!!!!!

  9. Spectacular socks – worth every bit of sewing in ends!

  10. Wow, fantastic socks. And very effective in that yarn.

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