Monthly Archives: August 2008

In a Spin

I am about to be dropped off at a no cover station to start my journey to the Big Smoke for the final of what is a very enjoyable Spinning class. I have various questions.

1, Do I finish styling (I use the word very loosely) my hair?

Possibly not worth it as I willl be wearing a hood and very, very warm waterproof which ruins the look whatever the strength of styling product. There may well be photos.

2, Do I wear Sandals, Shoes or Wellies?

Some of which would add to the Glastonbury look.

3, Will there be a lightening strike that takes out all the train signalling equipment en route thus rendering the day wasted?

4, I am always early, where is the best Bus Shelter to hide without the usual dregs being there too. Forget that I should fit in very well today!

Its the last day of August and its not meant to be a Thunder storm, even the BBC says not in Brighton and 16:00 in London……..


Wheelie Bins

Sock Clubs, the best way to stretch your imagination.

 Natalie dyes some of the most interesting combinations of colours I have seen,  that you wouldn’t think of but which work perfectly. Although I made a slight joke about her inspiration behind July’s colours, recycling/Wheelie Bins it is knitting up beautifully but then I’m sure she knew it would!

Here they are in their “naked” state.

The left hand one wound into a ball.

After 6 hours train travel on Thursday, due to volume of passengers I didn’t knit all that time in case you thought I was slow.

Can you see what I’m getting at?

Better get back to the spinning for tomorrows class.

Enjoy your weekend.

Yarn Yard P F!

Yarn Yard Merino Silk Fibre, 200g of.

I am not sure words can do this fibre justice.

Particularly the colour, it is slightly more muted in a rich way!


 Needless to say it is going to be admired for some time, until I feel my spinning can do it justice.

Talking of spinning, Diane is going to introduce us to a couple of wheels on Sunday.

Someone here has taken to their bed at the thought of another obsession. 

Come back tomorrow for a view of the Wheelie Bins……whetted your appetite?

Room with a View

Ventnor, Isle of Wight August 2008.

I’m afraid many Fish and a few Scones (with Clotted Cream) were harmed this weekend. Delicious. Pimms jelly wasn’t bad either.

I think our friends were slightly nervous of going out in public with someone who had a Monkee peering out of their bag!

Picture of the Day


He’s quite chuffed with himself. We were sat in the warmth of the car!


If you would like the chance of a free ticket to I-Knit Day to see The Yarn Harlot. Enter this very, very easy competition here.

Getting better every day

I think I got over enthusiastic with this lot, far too much on the spindle.

Slightly more even but still a long way to go.

I fear this lot may take some time!


Remember this?

8 months and a substantial amount of money later and its over. It is also perfect, shade and everything. I think I might change my career to dentistry, that would top up the Pension pot, but how long is the training and can you refuse patients with Halitosis?

Roll on Friday

Going Fishing again, if you believe that you’ll believe anything. It is however somewhere by boat……in England.