Sock Clubs

I am part of 2 sock clubs, they both offer different challenges.

First Socktopus, I opted for the Bells and Whistles Package which offered extras, easily charmed me. This club started December 2007 and runs for 12  with bi-monthly packages of yarn and pattern dyed/written specifically for the club.

I have just finished the 4th instalment which once again has tested me, conveniently this had Cat Bordhi style increases which are in her book that I have been nervous of trying. Can you tell what this instalments extra was, perhaps I’ll take it to I-Knit with me!

So this club provides the pattern which if completed within the club year earns you a badge, as I said easily charmed. I am so far on track and have enjoyed each pair learning Toe-up, Entrelac and two colour knitting along the way.

Next is a club which I joined when it started then lapsed, mainly due to the volume of yarn I had accumulated. It’s still not gone down but I felt I needed some more consistent yarn, that would knit any pattern and wear well. So The Yarn Yard, this time I went for the Plus option which provides a full skein of both plain and patterned yarn. I was finding more and more patterns that would look better in plain yarn. This is the July 2008 offering, inspired by Wheelie Bins! Someone not a million miles away from here mentioned the inaccuracy due to lack of Seagull splat but I expect there are more of you who don’t have that problem than do!! Ever since it arrived I have been thinking of the possibilities for plain more than patterned so it may appear to only be a pack of yarn but it does make you think.

Lovely, even without the Seagull messages.


2 responses to “Sock Clubs

  1. When I first started the Sock Club, almost two years ago, and (nervously) sent out the first parcels with the mini-skeins, I was thinking toes and heels.
    Then members started asking, once they opened the parcels, if I could dye a full skein of the solid… and really, I can’t, I can try, but they are all one-off colours and it’s quite tricky. When I started the Club Plus I was still thinking Mix n Match and I am so delighted that knitters all over the place are getting into texture and technique as well.
    I did wonder a few weeks ago about varying the yarn type occasionally, but the two people I asked about it said “Absolutely not!”
    They wanted a sort of “library” of the same kind of yarn so they could use one month’s solid with another month’s variegated. Having different blends would, I suppose, be like having a novel in English with every fourth chapter in Russian or Japanese.

    I have to confess, I’m not sure I could send out a yarn with Seagull Splat as the inspiration!


  2. what wonderful socks! I bet they feel wonderful to wear too!

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