One down and its holding together! I am sure this pattern must be out there in knitting land, it seems familiar but I have had a cursory glance on Ravelry and can’t spot it, if you know tell me.

 I still want to knit a pair in solid Wheelie Bin…….the brown is so rich. 

 But I am so easily distracted and thought I’d try Yarn Yard Lochan (think thats the Merino/Tencel mix). Now I like these best, fickle.

I’m on a spinning course on Sunday, if I don’t get lost in Chelsea, its possible. So I have a feeling there will be a huge distraction from knitting pending. Although I am commuting Mon-Wed next week so that will help progress.

Enjoy your weekend.


4 responses to “Truffles

  1. I love them both! I have a thing about lace socks at the moment – I don;t recognise the pattern. Have fun on your spinning course

  2. Beautiful socks — love how you did the toes and heel on the first, and love, love the colors on the second! Well done!

  3. gorgeous, love the pretty lochan! Have fun on the spinning couse!

  4. Stunning looking socks!!! 🙂

    I’m Sorry I don’t know the pattern 😦

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