Getting better every day

I think I got over enthusiastic with this lot, far too much on the spindle.

Slightly more even but still a long way to go.

I fear this lot may take some time!


Remember this?

8 months and a substantial amount of money later and its over. It is also perfect, shade and everything. I think I might change my career to dentistry, that would top up the Pension pot, but how long is the training and can you refuse patients with Halitosis?


2 responses to “Getting better every day

  1. I like the spun yarn colour, it looks great. Thank goodness the dentistry is over, its so expensive isn’t it. I nearly died last time I went and felt like saying to him that I would be starving for the rest of the minth because of his bill!

  2. Practice makes perfect, looks ok to me!

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