In a Spin

I am about to be dropped off at a no cover station to start my journey to the Big Smoke for the final of what is a very enjoyable Spinning class. I have various questions.

1, Do I finish styling (I use the word very loosely) my hair?

Possibly not worth it as I willl be wearing a hood and very, very warm waterproof which ruins the look whatever the strength of styling product. There may well be photos.

2, Do I wear Sandals, Shoes or Wellies?

Some of which would add to the Glastonbury look.

3, Will there be a lightening strike that takes out all the train signalling equipment en route thus rendering the day wasted?

4, I am always early, where is the best Bus Shelter to hide without the usual dregs being there too. Forget that I should fit in very well today!

Its the last day of August and its not meant to be a Thunder storm, even the BBC says not in Brighton and 16:00 in London……..


One response to “In a Spin

  1. I hope nothing bad happened and you had a great day! Report back on how it went.

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