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Sunday 28 September 2008 – 08:30


We were very early for breakfast, so took a slight de-tour to Birling Gap. What you see is Seven Sisters.

One way to park your boat. You can see a garden fence above, the house has given in to erosion long ago.

We are thinking of a frame for this perhaps. Lovely beach pebbles.

This has to be one of my favourite places, generally empty, well sheltered and untouched by commercialism. I don’t mind it when its blowing a gale either!


Questions – SoSeSaSwap!!

These are the answers for a Socktopus Secret Santa swap I am taking part in. I have volunteered to make up a sock kit for someone. Please don’t judge me too closely by my music tastes!

1. What are your favourite colours and fibres? –  I lean more towards deep rich colours but especially like Purples, Greens, Browns and Pinks. I prefer natural fibres.

2. Anything that makes your toes curl? (Fibre, colour, other) –  In short I don’t care for  Pastels, brights such as Orange and Yellow and certainly no Acrylic.

3. Would you describe yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter? –  I would think Intermediate for Socks as they are mainly what I knit. Colourwork I am a beginner and Cables just dangerous!

4. Do you have an online wishlist? (Amazon or other) –  Not a Crafty One.

5. Any new techniques you’d like to learn? – I would like to be able to Cable more successfully, so that something actually fitted at the end of it. Also have to try knitting 2 socks on one circular yet and Toe up socks with a heel flap.

6. What is your favourite:

Snack? –  I am not a Sweetie so Chocolate is quite low down the list despite what entries on this blog suggest. I certainly prefer savouries like Crisps, Nuts and Olives but can be tempted by Percy Pigs or Haribo.

Book? –  I read quite a variety of books but certainly not blood and Gore, Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

Music? – Very Middle of the Road Easy Listening. Sorry if this is of no use but if I tell you I have CD’s by Andrea Bocelli, Take That, Elvis, Steps, Faith Hill, Deacon Blue and Jools Holland it gives you some idea.

7. What are your favourite items to knit? –  I could try and lie but I think its fairly well documented I knit Socks. No matter how hard I try I still knit socks!

8. Any patterns that are top of your queue? –  Since Ravelry I have a never ending queue although what pattern is top depends on the yarn I am planning to use. I do have my eye on most of Yarnissima’s patterns.

9. Do you have any other hobbies? –  I suppose Spinning is the newest but I also make cards and I love cooking when I have time.

10. Tell us about yourself. When did you first pick up your needles? Who/what encouraged you to start knitting? How would you describe your knitting style? Are you a process knitter or a product knitter, etc. –  My memory doesn’t recall when I started knitting, I suspect it was at some family gathering. I am someone who likes to try things so that will have been the reason for learning to knit. I have certainly been knitting for 30+ years.

I am most likely a process knitter because I knit to try different methods  regardless of whether the item is needed. Hence my huge stash of socks.

Strictly Saturday

I’ve been baking, mostly to fill the freezer, theres only two of us here and I don’t do alot of cakes so its the best option. The last visitors we had were disgusted at the lack of cakes….they were only here one night, I didn’t think it necessary!

Nigella’s Chocolate Brownies, less Walnuts plus Macadamia and Cranberries. Dairy Free. It did cut into 21.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Beetroot Cake.

Riverford Beetroot Cake. Dairy Free.

All these because I was forced into a Sainsbury’s trip and they had 15 ungraded Free Range eggs for £2, bargain.

This has been distracting me from Spinning and most other things for a couple of weeks. Socktopus Sock Club 5th instalment. Magic Loop, can you believe it, taught myself. Also Toe Up…..using Judy’s cast on method, much easier on a circular needle than DPN’s. The beauty of the pattern will be revealed in blocking.

As its Strictly season I have to have a fairly mindless project. This year it is a Misty Scarf from Interweave Scarf Style. The yarn is Rowans Kid Classic, the darker pink was from the KGC £1 bran tub at I-Knit! Doesn’t look much but I only started this on Friday due to being in York last weekend.

I have 4 dancers in the family sweep, a certain grumpy old man doesn’t do Strictly so he spends an hour each Saturday on his own reading the newspaper! Also have a dancer in a Ravelry sweep. so am rooting for Austin Healy, Mark Foster, Andrew Castle and unrealistically Gary Rhodes.

Tomorrow we are visiting friends in Eastbourne which means a trip to Lakeland, well I am sure there is something I can’t live without.

Clearout (no not you!)

I am having a slight de-stash. Mainly because I haven’t got room, or money, for fibre! Most is on Ravelry but just to mention 4, shall we say more unusual yarns…….These were bought to knit scarves with and I did sell approx 30 of them but what remains is of no use to me now.

Elle Plume, Sun and surf x 10 and ?? x 4.


Sirdar ‘New’ Fizz, Bronze x 4, Nutshell x 4 and Jade x 5.


This, knits as Super Chunky. x 7

All are on a make me an offer price plus postage.

Back tomorrow with Beetroots and knitting!


This week I had a delivery, that went back to the sorting office, don’t they all.

It was something that I had ordered from here and was looking forward to seeing. I not only like the fact that its fairly locally made but also that its made by craftsmen with a love of the materials they use.  A thing of true beauty, it is much lighter than my current spindles so there may be a chance of sock wool yet. I heard about these spindles from one of the lady’s at the spinning class who had bought hers from The Handweavers Studio. I won’t name names but thanks for the tip.

You may also notice a small amount of fibre has crept in, and believe me its not all of it. I can’t reach the rest!

First there is 300g of undyed Merino, a bargain at £2.50 for 100g, from Fibre Harvest  along with two braids from the lovely, and now sold out,  Jo . These were both bought at I-Knit and cuddled all the way home to ensure no water got into the bags, how wet was last Saturday. There may have been a Herdymug aswell. Then there are 4 braids bought from Spindlefrog, in picture order they are Gotland, Wensleydale, BFL and another Gotland. 

I like to try different things, you may have noticed.


 Just in case you can’t see quite how beautifully crafted this spindle is.

Wild Olivewood on Sycamore with Walnut shaft

1 1/8 oz Whorl size 70mm

Whats been going on?

Pattern: Spring Forward

Yarn: Yarn Yard BFL



Milk Chocolate and Summer Truffles

Pattern: My own

Yarns: Yarn Yard Bonny and Lochan


My Favourites.

Pattern: Circle Socks

Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny

Currently I am eating Date and Apple cake and knitting Shur’tagalin Malabrigo Sock yarn. Shade Lettuce.

I came away with money!

I have to say that when we rounded the corner and saw the queue to get in we were a little taken aback, especially as it then started to rain. So we were the ones skulking in a doorway watching the queue move. The hall was rather like a station with its ceiling.

Tea and cake, slightly dry!

This, of course was knitted and part of the Great Ormond Street Giant Knitted Gingerbread House.



I think the only in focus pictures!

 I believe these are the responsibility of the Natural Dye Studio.

Lots of people with Ravelry badges on, I was travelling slightly incognito as I had a non blog/Ravelry adult with me. So we only managed to catch Natalie and Jane. However, whilst in the queue for my latest craving, fibre, I was joined by 3 out of the other 4 novice spinners from my class. We obviously know a good deal when we see one.

More next year please, this was the best show I have been to. Plenty of room to move around, light and airey Hall. The only niggle, which I am sure you can never have enough of. Chairs and Tea!! Why do we all choose to drink at the same time?


Did you think I’d forgotten.

The Main Event.

Was it worth getting wet yet again for?

Of course it was.

There will of course be better pictures, I hope from those on the front row.