After killing time at Clapham Junction, avoiding the rain I made it successfully to Chelsea and as luck would have it I tried the door of the Design Centre. Hurrah it was open and provided a good hours worth of viewing, could only have been bettered by an outlet being open especially the Cafe.. I told you I am always early, it irritates some but I am not a good runner!

Diane provided a very neat goody bag, with some strange items in it.

Tussah silk and Cotton.


Mohair, I cannot forget the rusty brown jumper I knit in the 70’s. I’m sure it would be fashionable now, but not for me. it has me tempted to sign up for Mohair Madness.

Polwarth Fleece, uncarded. the fluff at the bottom was after I had attacked it.


 Alpaca, well and truely carded from its original form.

We also had a couple of wheels to try, Ashford Joy is top of my list. Although I think a sigh went up when I stopped treadling, I appear to have the same problem as my driving, too fast! Not much spindling was done although that appears to be alot more under control. Brilliant class and lovely people teaching and learning, knitters never fail me.

I am absolutely “gutted” (do excuse the language) that this which I thought I’d done really well with appears to be little more than 70 yards. I don’t want ankle or wristlets or even a cup holder. I wanted Cranfords.

So it will be me buying copious amounts of fibre on Saturday, surely you know whats happening then? No, where have you been since February? Came across my confirmation e-mail the other day.


3 responses to “Sunday

  1. You could use it for the edges of your Cranfords, and have something else for the “middles”.

    It’s all looking really good BTW.
    I do hope we can meet up!

  2. Nice bit of carding & spinning. Might see you on Saturday.

  3. It looks great stuff there!

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